The heat exchangers PICKER are of the type with “SHELL and TUBES” and are built according to “MANUFACTURER SWITCHBOARD” (not manufactures according to customer plans and/or according to construction codes).

The heat exchangers PICKER are not subjected to the essential requirements of safety of the Directive “EQUIPMENT UNDER PRESSURE” 2014/68/EU. They are thus manufactured according to the “code of practice” (Article 4 §3 of this Directive).

The heat exchangers PICKER are appropriate for all the applications of cooling or reheating of a liquid by another liquid, as from the moment when those are compatible with the characteristics of construction of our apparatuses.

The heat exchangers PICKER are entirely and easily dismountable (elements, tube bundles and covers) in order to facilitate the maintenance of the appliances or to replace only the necessary worn parts.

The heat exchangers PICKER have tube bundles with free dilation (with one or two plate-tubular “slipping”) in order to reduce certain mechanical constraints.

The thorough standardization of a maximum of elements entering the composition of the heat exchangers PICKER generates a wide range being able to satisfy the most varied thermal programs.