The heat exchangers PICKER are manufactured with following building materials, according to families of exchangers. This list is not exhaustive, to refer in the overall plans of the apparatuses to know the possible material combinations for a given family of exchangers. The choice of such or such material is mainly dictated by nature, the temperature and the conditions of circulation of the fluids in the exchangers.

Body Alloys of aluminium, coopers and bronzes, stainless steel 316L
Bundle tubes Copper, cupro-nickel 90/10, stainless steel 316L
Plate-tubular Bronze, stainless steel 316L
Baffles Brass, stainless steel 316L
Ties Copper, stainless steel 316L
Covers Cast iron, bronzes, stainless steel 316L
Anodes Zinc
Counter-flanges Carbon steel, bronzes
Screws and bolts Carbon steel, brass, stainless steel 316L
Central stems Aluminium bronze
O rings Nitrile, Fluorocarbon (“VITON”), Ethylene-propylene
Flat joints Synthetic fibres without asbestos
Shaped joints Ethylene-propylene

External protection :

The heat exchangers PICKER are protected outside from corrosion by means of a reactive primary painting from colour yellow-green. This painting, only intended to ensure the adherence of the later layers (intermediate and/or of completion), is compatible with the majority of the paintings used in industry.

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